Monday, June 18, 2012


You really can't beat a night of theatre and bowling, right?  OnSite Theatre specializes in "site specific" plays.  Every show is set in a different location suited to the play, and trust me, this provides an exciting layer to its productions.  OnSites' five year anniversary presentation takes place at Epiphany Lanes and features three short plays.  Better still, you can get a frame of bowling in during the intermissions!  This presentation is truly set up for a great time.  Plays that are the perfect length, set in a perfectly encompassing location, with Joe Hanrahan's direction, and a talented, tight cast of three -- Elizabeth Birkenmeier, Antonio Rodriguez and Donna Weinsting -- you can't go wrong.
"Just Bowl" "(Gardenofeve(dot)com)"
Donna Weinsting opens it up.  She narrates as we get to eavesdrop on an incredibly awkward first date.  You can tell these two don't get out much.  They want badly to connect with each other, but find it challenging when they have to meet each other in the flesh.  They've become socially inept.  Victims of the internet.  Our narrator calls it a "decline in social capital".  Rodriguez and Birkenmeier have a wonderfully clumsy way with each other, and they provide an entertaining and charming look at what happens when people are more comfortable sharing their feelings through a Facebook status update as opposed to face-to-face interaction.

"Anarchy of a Pin Boy"
Next up, Weinsting is a free-wheelin' redneck bowling enthusiast trying to get her daughter (Birkenmeier) interested in the game, but her daughter isn't having it.  She'd rather be a poet, but Mom tells her that all that silly talk about poetry disrespects the clientele.  Ha!  Hoosiers…  Her daughter ends up meeting the alley's pin boy (Rodriguez), and their initially cautious flirty conversation turns into a rather surreal little chance encounter, proving that people may sometimes be a lot more that who they seem to be.
"What Would Jesus Bowl?"
Our last play has Job (Rodriguez), like the guy from the bible Job, laid out completely disoriented on the floor with angel (Weinsting) and devil (Birkenmeier) discussing what to do with him.  Apparently his trials and tribulations were just a human experiment, so the polar opposites, good and evil, have to sort it all out.  What better place than a bowling alley to do this, right?  Good times...
So basically, you've got some plays about bowling taking place in a bowling alley with free bowling.  Need I say more?  I'm telling you, this will make for a really fun night.  Check it out -- it's playing until the 30th.
"Just Bowl" "(Gardenofeve(dot)com)" written by Dan Rubin 
"Anarchy of a Pin Boy" written by Carter Lewis
"What Would Jesus Bowl?" written by Dan Rubin
Directed by Joe Hanrahan
Epiphany Lanes, 3164 Ivanhoe Ave.
through June 30 | tickets: $25 (June 21st tickets include drinks, food, bowling prizes and a champagne toast for OnSite's 5 year Anniversary)
Performances selected Thursdays at 8pm, Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm
Elizabeth Birkenmeier, Antonio Rodriguez and Donna Weinsting.
Stage manager, Linda Menard, artistic director, Ann marie Mohr; managing director, Kristen Edler. 

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