Saturday, August 7, 2010

CATS • The Muny


Hey, it’s my first post!

So, I saw CATS this weekend at the Muny.  I’ve had my issues with the Muny.  Sure, it’s the nation’s oldest and largest outdoor theatre and has a long and established history.  No question, St. Louis is lucky to have it, but all forms of theatre etiquette seem to go bye-bye when you’re outdoors.  I went anyway with a couple good friends of mine for two reasons:

1. CATS, (composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber) was one of the first musicals I’d ever seen so I have a little soft spot for it.

2. Stephanie J. Block was featured as Grizabella the Glamour Cat.  I love her, and nobody can deliver an eleven o’clock number like she can.  “Memory”, anyone?  I teared up a little.

I’ve had the privilege of seeing her before as Elphaba in WICKED at the Fox, (the musical that started my obsession with becoming an avid theatre-goer), THE PIRATE QUEEN in Chicago and NYC and 9 TO 5 in NYC.

Luckily, there was only one talkative child behind us, and nobody sang along.  There were however, several people who left at intermission.  Attention span of a fruit fly, I’m tellin’ ya.  Who cares if we miss the big moment of the show -- me and the wife need to get us some Ted Drewes!  Seriously?

*rolls eyes*

For those interested, here’s a neat entry on the character of Grizabella in Wikipedia:
Here kitty, kitty...

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