About the name...

A few people have wondered why the name of this blog is what it is. Well, "snob" doesn't really have anything to do with what kind of theatre I do, or don't enjoy. Actually, I love theatre in a small space. I like it in my face.  Yes, yes. Make your jokes. (I went more into detail about that here.)  The term "snob" comes from the fact that while I'm open to a lot of stuff, I am not, nor will I ever be, forgiving of atrocious manners at the theatre. You can thank my parents for that. I would bitch to my friends about people who talk through the overture or take out their damn cell phones, and they would say, "Geez, you're such a snob!" So, there you have it. It should really be, "St. Louis Theatre Etiquette Snob", but changing it would be too much trouble.


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